Case Study

Sonic Drilling in Southern Sweden

RGS had 3 smaller drill jobs in Southern Sweden


Varberg, Svenljunga, Kristianstad - Southern Sweden


RGS Nordic


Sonic Drilling


In Varberg 6 monitoring wells were installed at the top of the bedrock at 6 m-bg on Monday. Soils were sampled with the Aqualock method.


Monday evening, we traveled to Svenljunga where we drilled the next day. The drill site was adjacent to the Ätran river. 5 drillings were performed to 9 m-bg via continuous soil sampling again with the Aqualock system. All of the 40 soils samples showed compliant concentrations resulting from injection works via HDPE wells.


Around 1500 on Tuesday, we packed again and drove off for the 3,5 hour drive to Kristianstad. Near a car repair facility 16 drillings were anticipated until 9 m-bg, of which 50% equipped with a monitoring well. It took 3 days to finish this job. The Aqualock would not allow us to drill to 9 m-bg, the formation was too dry and hard for the sonic technique with this small SRS-PL. Water flushing would have helped but that is undesirable with environmental drilling. The samples taken tough gave answers to questions asked.

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